The Lichens of Greece

Οι Λειχήνες της Ελλάδας

Here you will find: (1) a Lichen Flora of Greece, including keys to lichens of Greece and the surrounding region; (2) distribution maps of Greek lichens; (3) a checklist of Greek lichens; (4) the number of species recorded for each province, nomos and island; (5) information on lichen nomenclature for all species worldwide. All these include lichenicolous fungi too.

The keys will be useful throughout the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

Information is provided as downloadable files, which are updated regularly. The last update was on 16 May 2024.

There are no photographs, but other websites have good photos of lichens, and you can find them via a search engine. One such site has many photos of lichen species that occur in the Aegean , many of which are widely distributed in Greece.

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