The Lichens of Greece

This website aims to make the existing information on Greek lichens and lichenicolous fungi more readily available. At present, the site is small, plain and simple, but it can be extended and improved if there is enough demand.

Most information is provided as downloadable pdf files. Doing it that way minimises work for me, as I already have the information in that form. The pdf files are updated regularly, usually at least once a year. (The most recent update was on 08 April 2018.) Other formats are possible, and can be provided if there is enough demand.

Keys to species are included in the Flora section.

At present there are no photographs, as photography has not been one of my own priorities. However, if you have photos of Greek lichens that you would like to appear here, please contact me. (Photos should be of good quality, and any species shown should be reliably determined.) There already exist several websites with good photos of lichens, and you can find them via a search engine. One such site has many photos of lichen species that occur in the Aegean

All suggestions for improvement or extension of this site will be gratefully received. Before contacting me about any problems, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the file concerned. Those who make regular use of the material here are advised to take an updated copy of everything from time to time.

I am indebted to Professor Alkis Raftis for his suggestion that I put my data on Greek lichens online. Coming from such an eminent person, that "suggestion" felt like a command, and I duly complied. Without that push from him, this website would not have appeared.